Teaching and Learning Community: Capstone Experiences

In 2017-18 the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning will launch its first Teaching and Learning Community, which will explore capstone experiences. The objective of this program is to foster a community of practice among those who teach and administer our new Capstone Experience general education requirement as the first cohorts of students march toward graduation. Fellows will engage with SoTL research on successful capstone courses and experiences—seminars, travel courses, research assistantships, internships or other capstones—and consider how this requirement can meet goals of individual instructors, programs, and our general education curriculum. More particularly, we will work together to help instructors refine or create new summative and integrative learning assignments, including e-Portfolios. We encourage current and future instructors and administrators of capstone experiences to apply.


Thanks to a student success grant from the Office of the Provost, each participant will receive a $500 stipend.


Academic staff, instructors, and faculty who teach or administer capstone experiences or may do so within the next two academic years are eligible. Please feel free to contact Caroline Boswell at boswellc@uwgb.edu if you have any questions about your eligibility.

How to apply

Please send your application via e-mail to Caroline Boswell and Kate Farley (catl@uwgb.edu) by Monday, May 15th. Your application only need include:

  • A letter of interest that provides a 500-word description of the capstone experience you wish to explore with the Teaching and Learning Community fellows. We ask that you reflect on your objectives and/or goals for the capstone experience you direct (or hope to direct).
  • A brief memo of support from your unit chair (one sentence is fine).