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Audience: Instructor Overview The Council on Undergraduate Research describes undergraduate research as scholarly work that “makes original intellectual or creative contributions to the discipline.” Benefits of undergraduate research include enhanced learning, increased retention, increased graduate enrollment rates, career preparation, and development of problem-solving skills.[ref]”The Council on Undergraduate Research.”[/ref] A few example undergraduate integration methods…

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For those who attended the Instructional Design Institute… and even those who didn’t! The resources and handouts are now available as promised. Download or view a copy of the schedule; it’s now complete with PDF icons where resources are available. Click on them to view the corresponding materials.

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The document linked below contains information about using a Classroom Response System (CRS). It includes recommendations for easy-to-implement ‘lightweight’ options and a detailed ‘best practices’ list. Classroom Response Guide More information on the tools outlined in this document are available online. Plickers: Kahoot:

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Here is a handy presentation on using multiple-choice assessment to prompt student learning (PDF) presented by Sawa Senzaki at CATL’s Using Multiple-Choice Assessments Well workshop. The presentation references the use of Scantron data, so here also is an example of the data an instructor receives from Scantron results. Feel free also to check out this site for more…

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CATL invited the campus community to attend a roundtable session on December 9, 2016. The subject of conversation was “teaching controversial topics in the classroom.” Attendees discussed a small series of scenarios to initiate a wider campus conversation about conflicts that may arise as instructors and students work together to fulfill the UW System’s mission to “search…

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