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Course Design – The Cowbell
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Course Design

Overview Developing and teaching an online class can be a daunting challenge. In the past, UW-Green Bay subscribed to the Quality Matters to provide guidance in course design. That program provided useful assistance to instructors in the development of online courses, yet Quality Matters shied away from issues related to teaching online courses. The team…

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Low stakes means that students and instructors have less pressure on an assignment that involves some work towards an eportfolio. Medium stakes means that either instructors of students have some pressure from the eportfolio High stakes means that both instructors and students have the most pressure on this version of an eportfolio Low Stakes Medium…

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Good-bye, rust-colored chalkboards! Over summer 2018, dust-covered Theatre Hall 316 was transformed into a collaborative learning space. Those who teach and learn in this room may structure it in multiple ways to foster learning and engagement — with or without the use of its state-of-the-art technology (further resources below). Instructors and students will have access to…

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