Reading Group – Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning occurs at many scales, from quick discussion prompts to semester-long projects. Talk through readings that explore the nuances of collaborative learning with your colleagues at this reading group.

Together these two readings help us understand different types of collaborative learning and the strengths of each.

  • Barkley, E. and Cross, Patricia. (2014). Collaborative Learning Techniques: A Handbook for Faculty. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. We will read Part One: Establishing the Context, which is available as an e-book through the Cofrin Library (UWGB account required).
  • Michaelsen, L.K., Knight, A.B., and Fink, L.D. (2004). Team-Based Learning: A transformative use of small groups in college teaching. Sterling, VA: Stylus. We will read the first chapter, which you can assess through OneDrive (UWGB account required). Alternatively, you can read the chapter in the comfort of the CATL office in IS 1144.

This case study addresses the logistics and the pay-offs of conducting a collaborative learning assignment for adult learners.

  • Chun Kuo, Brian R. Belland, and Yu-Tung Kuo. “Learning through Blogging: Students’ Perspectives in Collaborative Blog-Enhanced Learning Communities.” Journal of Educational Technology & Society 20, no. 2 (April 2017): 37–50. Article link.